Check-in time is anytime after 4pm and Check-out time is 11am. Upon check in, we will need your ID and credit card. We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. If you plan to pay cash, we will still require a credit card at check-in. If your plans change, please contact us as soon as possible. For the comfort of all our guests, there is no smoking on or around the hotel property.  


Cancellation Policy

A single (1) room must be cancelled 72 hours prior to your check in time of 4pm PST. Two to four (2-4) rooms require seven (7) days advanced notice. Five to six (5-6) rooms require fourteen (14) days advanced notice. Seven to ten (7-10) rooms require thirty (30) days advanced notice. If you cancel after the cancellation period, you will be charged 100% of the room(s) fees at the time of booking. No shows are charged 100% for the nights booked. 


Pet Policy  

We have one super pet friendly room, Martinque. This room is separate from our main guest corridors, which allows us to support those who love their pets and those who are allergic to pets. Please only bring well-trained, kid friendly pets to our property. Please know that your pet is not allowed to be in the guest room without you. We reserve the right to ask you and your pet to vacate the property should there be any complaints about your pet. Penalties will be charged for violation of this policy.


Hours of operation

Our hours of operation are 9am to 9pm every day. So please call before 9pm if you plan to arrive after hours for check-in instructions. Our courtyard opens at 8am closes at 10pm. Only registered guests are allowed on hotel property after 10pm and quiet hours are from 11pm until 8am.  


Location and Parking  

Capitola Hotel is located at 210 Esplanade in the heart of the Capitola Village. Parking in the Village can be challenging so we have tried to make parking easier with two options. Option 1) - Parking passes are available for your use and provide complimentary parking while you are staying in the hotel. There are specific areas throughout the village that accept these passes. These passes are issued to us by the City of Capitola, so please ensure you return your parking pass at check-out to avoid a $75 re-issuance fee charged by the City of Capitola. Please contact us for detailed information on how to secure your parking pass and where to park. Option 2) - For an additional fee, reserved parking is available right next to the hotel on a first come first reserve basis.  These parking spots and may be purchased for $30/day Sunday through Thursday and $40/day Friday and Saturday. Please call ahead for to secure your reserved parking spot as they fill up fast. 


Comfort Policy  

Your comfort is our priority therefore we are a non-smoking facility. Hotel quiet hours are from 11pm - 8am. Only registered guests are allowed on hotel property after 10pm. Violators of the quiet policy will be charged a $300 disturbance fee and may be ejected without refund. Rooms are subject to maximum occupancy. Violators of maximum occupancy will be charged a $100 per person fee. A parking permit is included with your room. The permits are issued by the City of Capitola and must be returned at check-out to avoid a re-issuance fee. A replacement or repair or cleaning fee will be applied to your bill should there be any damages, including stained linens, soiled carpets, broken furniture or anything assessed to be damaged during your stay.