3 Reasons You Need to Have Your Wedding in Capitola, CA

If you are like any soon-to-be bride, you know the flowers, the food, the music and everything in between are the needle and thread to creating the perfect wedding. But what’s a perfect wedding without the perfect location? It’s like having miles of thread and hundreds of needles with no fabric! And nothing says great location like the beach. Plus, if you dream of an endless summer, saying “I do” with the sound of waves crashing in the background, your ceremony is basically heaven on earth.

There are hundreds of reasons that having a beach wedding could be the answer to your destination prayers. For one, the ocean is the ultimate backdrop, your wedding photos will look perfect from every angle (so long as you keep your over-excited uncle from photobombing). Your guests will appreciate the location as they will be using it as a vacation for themselves as well, a win-win! And we all know; happy guests will only add positivity to the already calm ambiance.

Capitola, California is the absolute picture-perfect location to set the stage for your wedding. The Capitola Village, especially, will tip you over the edge once you see the family friendly activities the village can offer. Capitola Hotel will direct you in the right direction if you’re looking to kayak, surf, bike or simply lounge on the warm sand. We have all the tips and tricks of the town and you will be sure not to miss out on all the good this town can offer, the options for dining and shopping ae endless!

From activities and family to location and decor, here are the top 3 reasons to plan your big day in sunny Capitola, California.

1.     The Ocean is an Astonishing Backdrop

You can absolutely count on the ocean for being the ultimate backdrop for your wedding. If you’re struggling to find the perfect theme or even the best decorations for your taste, stress no more as we all know the deep blue waters and the soft sandy beaches of Capitola are impeccable and timeless. Don’t spend countless hours slaving away on decorations that may feel out of date 20 years from now, the ocean is classic and classy. And during sunset all the decor you could ever want will suddenly appear in the sky.

2.     You’re Looking for an Intimate Affair

When planning a wedding, it’s important to many couples to have enough time to spend with their guests as needed. When you plan a beach wedding, typically, the guest list tends to be much smaller than with a more traditional, indoor setting. Thus, giving you the ultimate intimate gathering, sharing the most important day of your life with the most important people in your life. Instead of spending hours running from table to table with only a few moments with each guest, this gathering will add the hours you crave for a familiar setting of close family and friends!

3.     You Can Start Your Honeymoon Early

Let’s face it, planning a honeymoon can almost be just as stressful as planning the actual wedding. But with the infinite possibilities in Capitola, you can plan a stress free wedding day and even more relaxing honeymoon, that will start the moment you say your final goodbyes to your guests! Talk about the perfect transition into married life. From many fun and exciting activities on the beach to the most delicious of dines in the Village, you won’t be disappointed with the calming nature of Capitola, especially as a newlywed! Enjoy anything from classic seafood to French pastries, to Mexican and even Thai, there’s no end in the choices Capitola has to offer.

Head on over to The Village page for even more reasons Capitola, California would be the most remarkable destination for your big day. View our Rooms page for a breakdown of options for every kind of stay you have in mind for you, your family and friends! And then, pick up the phone and call Capitola Hotel to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!

Corrie Sid