The Spirit of Festivity

Christmas was always my favorite time of year! I think it was because our home was always decorated during this season and it felt so festive. It was rare that I didn’t ask Santa for some sort of costume with sequins or something that sparkles. I thought I just loved the spirit of Christmas or maybe just shiny things, but I also love Halloween…and New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day…and the Oscars and the Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day and the 4th of July!  Turns out, I love the spirit of festivity!  

Super Bowl Firework Show in SF

Our family loves to celebrate anything there is to celebrate because that means we are spending time with family and friends. And I love to make that celebration look and feel special. I decorate to evoke an atmosphere that lightens the mood and provokes a smile. Sparkles and glitter seem to work well and I like fresh beautiful flowers and greenery as well…but anything that dresses up the place a bit, shows an effort was put forth, will do the trick!  Oh and food, gotta have lots and lots of food!  

Breakfast at the hotel

After we purchased the hotel our first big holiday was Halloween and I could not wait to decorate the hotel. Our team wasn’t sure how to handle this new energy and creative freedom, but they dove right in without question. They brought in decorations from their homes and got to work on transforming our hotel lobby into a Pinterest wonderland!

Halloween 2015 Capitola Hotel

By the time Christmas rolled around, I was ready to take the decorating to the next level. In between soccer games in Fremont, California I came across the Gift Gallery…there are no words for this store…you just have to see it! Surrounded by the most incredible Christmas displays I've ever seen I met some amazing ladies...I call them my Fairy Godmothers!  We did a trade. They came to the hotel on a Sunday, decorated my lobby for Christmas, and stayed overnight for a girls getaway! And they did it again this year! What a wonderful tradition we have created! I am so lucky to have such talented folks on my team and in my contact list!


The spirit of festivity aligns perfectly with being on vacation. Our guests are so excited when they see the Christmas tree in the lobby or the spooky lights on the hotel gate. Their mood is light and their experience enhanced. Families are more engaged in their vacation and couples fall in love all over again. No one can be in a bad mood when candles glow and twinkle lights are shining. It is such an honor to host our guests during these special times.

We have started to grow this concept in several ways. This year we entered and won the Capitola Village Holiday Window Display contest! We gave our winnings to Jacob’s Heart, a local charity that supports families who have children with terminal cancer. We also now add small surprises to each guest room, like chocolate covered Turkeys on Thanksgiving Day and plaid blankets at the end of the beds during Christmas. On Valentine’s Day we add flowers and personal notes to each room. And for any guest celebrating a special birthday or anniversary we ensure there is something special in their room! The “spirit of festivity” is alive and well today and all year long at the Capitola Hotel! 

Hotel Lobby at Christmas

During this holiday season we wish you peace, joy, and the “spirit of festivity”!

Corrie Sid